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Most of us spend more time travelling in our campervans during the Summer months, but how do you stop the heat affecting your good nights sleep?…

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Now you've got a good idea of what you want to include and have made some vital decisions about your campervan layout, it's time to properly plan the nitty gritty! Depending on your skill and budget level there are several ways to plan camper van layout. Simple & free There's nothing wrong with grabbing a piece of paper (graph paper if you have it), pencil and ruler and sketching out your layout, drawing it out to scale can really help visualise how everything will fit. You could make to scale templates for each campervan element such as bed, table, shower, kitchen area...

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Get ready for this to be the most time consuming and complicated part of your campervan conversion. If you’re undertaking this project with your partner, expect some heated discussions along the way as the battle of the bed/kitchen/loo position begins! Challenging yes, but it’s also one of the most exciting parts of your van build too, as the dream turns into a reality. Research, research, research. Watch YouTube videos - Nate Murphy has lots of van tours on his channel and has playlists dedicated to specific area ideas or Van Conversion Tours. Spend eons of hours trawling through Instagram, Pinterest and...

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You’ve scoured Social media and Google images, inspired by all of the lovely van conversions out there and weighed up whether camper van life is for you. So, now you need to put your sensible hat on and decide what type of van will work for your needs. There are so many vans to choose from but we’re just going to break down the basics like size and shape, we’ll leave advice about engines etc to the experts! On our camper journey we went from a T5/T6 to a Transit Custom before realising we needed lots more space and the ability to...

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Deciding how you want your van to look needs to be addressed during your planning and building stage, or maybe you want to restyle your van, so I'm breaking it down into different styles to suit every taste...

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