Screens, Dividers & Bespoke

If you have an idea for a fabric project for your campervan, narrowboat or just an unusual window you're looking for a solution for, I'll try to help!

As well as window covers, I make campervan rear door thermal screens, which can be rolled up and clipped to stay out of the way when not needed.
These are great if you have a garage area you need to access during all weathers but want to keep your bed/living area dry at all times while the doors are open.

Campervan rear thermal roll up screen panels

Made with ripstop waterproof fabric on the outer facing side and a fabric of your choice on the inner facing side, then a layer a 3M Thinsulate wadding in between, to really help keep you warm, cosy and dry. You can even have a colourful print on the waterproof side!

These can be secured with press studs and/or a keder type rail. 
Prices start from £190.
Please contact us to discuss.

Another popular item I've been tasked to make a few of are campervan cab divider panels - these are always very specific to every campervan.
The cab dividers usually split into two or three sections, enabling you to create a versatile thermal/privacy barrier between the cab area and main living area.

Campervan shower curtain panels, roll up panels and campervan cab dividersI've also made several shower curtain panels - often with a thin layer of compressed fleece to aid the use of the shower 'room' as a drying area - very useful in a campervan! Waterproof fabric one side and decorative fabric on the other.

These can be secured with press studs and/or a keder type rail. 
Prices vary depending on number of panels and zips etc.
Please contact us to discuss.

I'm also more than happy to create covers with your own fabric to help co-ordinate with your campervan decor, and if you'd like to add buckles, pockets etc to your window covers too! 

Bespoke campervan window covers with storage pockets, buckles and straps and your own logo or design

If you can't see your van listed on our Window Cover pages, I can make custom sizes, just tell me the dimensions of your windows and I'll send you a quote and work with you to create the perfect solution.

Please contact us with your special request and we'll work with you to create exactly what you need.