How to keep your Campervan cool

How to keep your Campervan cool

Most travellers spend more time in their vans during the Summer months.

The days are longer, waters are warmer and beers taste that little bit colder!

That being said, the Summer brings its own issues with balmy temperatures and muggy heat, making the idea of retreating to your campervan to sleep a very sweaty feeling.

Plus if you have dogs with you on your travels, keeping your van cool is even more of a priority.

So here are some tips for having a cool and calm nights sleep… 

Insulated Window covers

Although we spend lots of time and money insulating our camper vans, windows are a major source of heat ingress.

The best way to tackle this is to insulate your windows during the day (as well as at night) to prevent that heat build up.

Wanderbug's Handmade Magnetic, Insulated, Thermal, Black out campervan window cover blinds

Wanderbug’s window blinds are made of four layers of fabric that all have a special job to do:

- Black water repellent rip stop fabric designed to stop people having a nosy into your van and helping to make them black out blinds (more sleep in the morning anyone?!) This fabric is thin enough to allow the sun to pass through and reflect off the…

- Bubble foil insulation. This layer reflects the suns rays back out of the van, the key layer in cooling your camper van down.

- Vlieseline Thermolam fleece is a high quality slimline fleece with big thermal and insulating properties to keep heat in or out, without the weight and bulk.

- Your choice of an exclusive designed fabric, plain tweed or your own photo of a special view etc, to really personalise your van interior and have a nice view to look at no matter where you’re parked!

Plus, because they’re magnetic you can pop them up in seconds, leave them on all day and adjust them to let air through an open window if needed.

Shop Wanderbug’s collection of blinds here

Cold water bottle

Using the same principle that a hot water bottle warms your bed up, putting ice cold water in a sealed (make sure no leaks!) bottle or container into yours and your pets bed will give you a lovely cool surface to get cosy on.

Use cold water instead of hot water to keep your bed cool

Read more and shop for a suitable water bottle here.

You could also get a Chillmax pillow which uses gel which reacts to your body temperature to absorb excess heat, for a budget friendly £9.99.

Roof vent/fan

Hot air rises so putting a ceiling van into your Campervan conversion is a vital addition.

Maxx Air fan roof vent

There are lots on the market for all budgets, the most popular being the Maxx Air fan, if your bank balance allows.
Shop around though and you can find cheaper versions which do a similar job without the added gadgets.

Having your roof vent and a window open creates a lovely flow of air which really make a difference when it’s hot.

Read reviews of Campervan roof vents here

If all else fails, buy a small USB fan such as these fan to circulate the air as much as you can!

Shady goings on

Try to find a shady parking spot next to a building or under tree cover as this will stop your van absorbing the suns rays.

Hopefully following these tips will help you have a lovely cool campervan or motor home during the Summer! 



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