Sustainabilty | Our Eco friendly pledge

Using eco friendly products and processes is very important to us and is an essential consideration for all that we do here at Wanderbug.

All of our postage and packaging is made from recycled materials that can be recycled again or are totally compostable, such as brown paper parcel tape and the mailing bags we use are made from sugar cane.

Sometimes we may reuse packaging materials that we receive so don't always judge a parcel by it's cover!

Sourcing recycled and eco friendly fabrics and components for our products is an ongoing research process and we endeavour to increase the use of these in our products going forward as more suitable fabrics become available.

Our custom printed fabrics are printed in the UK which are OEKO-TEX 100 certified (independently tested by our suppliers to ensure they do not contain over 300 harmful substances. The certification covers every stage of production up until the point it reaches the factory) and GOTS certified (independently tested to ensure every part of production is sustainable and environmentally friendly).

We use the highest quality materials and as all items are meticulously handmade by Becki, your window covers should last for a long time, reducing the impact on landfill.
Let's help to save the planet we love to explore!